Solar Panel Installation – Charleston, SC

Going Solar is simple and affordable. By living a greener life we can assist the ever growing community that is attempting to preserve the climate that we once had. Also, solar panel installation can assist in a positive cash flow and we can start planning the family vacation we have all been dreaming about.

Solar power is clean, green, silent and the best sustainable source of renewable energy.

Solar panel installation @ Panelman solar

Solar panel installation is affordable. The prices have come down to a level which make it a wise financial decision.

Affordable Solar panel installation

Solar is like giving yourself a raise. A decrease in the budget will free up money for you to do what you want to do.

giving you Solar panel a raise

A solar panel installation pays for itself in less than 4 years and your investment will pay for itself 10 fold over the lifetime of the system.

installing Solar panel@Panelmansolar


It’s our community to make better…

By being your neighbor, we can stop by to help you with any of the questions you may come across. The utility company may grow green with envy by how much cash you are keeping in your pocket. We love your decision of growing a green life as it betters our special community even more.

How It Works:

We provide you with multiple 3-D drawings of your home with solar panels installed.

You decide where you want your solar installed and how much you want to invest / save.

We submit the permits to the local authorities and interconnection applications to the utility company.

We install your solar – guaranteed and warrantied – You start saving thousands!


We stand behind our work…

As a homeowner, you have many questions on your mind, and we understand that you have a right to know the answers even before you consider moving forward with a solar power project. That’s where Palmetto Solar’s industry-leading Warranties & Guarantees come in to save the day! Your residential solar power projects run on equipment that has complex mechanical, electronic and electrical components. Just like any other complex solution, we realize that there is always a slight chance that something may not work as expected. That’s why we offer our clients Warranties & Guarantees that will ensure you receive exactly what you paid for – and much more!


Online Quote System

Take note on how fast you get a quote. A simple form where a 3rd grader can get the quote- but that’s not a surprise. The surprise is your return on investment, payback time and affordability. Only when your ready for a professional home energy evaluation do you submit your contact information. Get the preliminary quote in less than a minute.

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